Saturday, September 10, 2011

Keller - PMI SFBAC Green Project Management Seminar Series

This post introduces the Chapter's first green initiative, the Green Project Management Seminar Series. It's designed to address a broad range of topics, in interactive workshop style. We hope many of you find it interesting, and look forward to your ideas for other events focused on sustainability!

The business world is starting to see the benefits of sustainability in all aspects of operations: facilities O&M, the supply chain, business operations, and more. We’ve all heard stories about enterprises going green, and now more and more companies are finding that being more sustainable not only helps their bottom line but also improves their brand reputation and their employees’ health and satisfaction. A recent MIT Sloan report notes that most businesses are anticipating “a world where sustainability is becoming a mainstream, if not required, part of the business strategy.”

Project management is already concerned with reducing costs, increasing value, and protecting scarce resources — all practices that fit nicely with being green. So it’s no surprise that businesses and project managers are incorporating green practices and considerations into many projects, not just those in a sustainable industry. All projects affect the environment somehow, and a project manager can help mitigate that by considering the environmental effects of a project and also of the deliverables resulting from the project.

Join PMI SFBAC and Keller Graduate School for a series of 3-hour interactive seminars presenting case studies and interactive discussions of fascinating projects that involve sustainability. Seminars take place from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon PDT on the third Saturday of each month, at the Keller Daly City campus. For details and registration information, See the PMI SBAC events page.

Keller Graduate School Sustainable Management MBA Program co-sponsors these events.

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