Thursday, April 19, 2012

Promising benefits of West Coast clean economy

A recent report on the West Coast Clean Economy shows that the "clean economy" in Washington, Oregon, and California is growing and is of benefit to the economy. The findings have spurred action by the Pacific Coast Collaborative, which has created the West Coast Action Plan on Jobs. The goal is to speed the transition to a clean economy, hastening the attendant benefits of the greater resiliency and pay scales of clean economy jobs, plus the robust GDP growth they bring. For more, see this article in the Sustainable Business Forum.

What does this mean for green project management? Whether you practice green project management in a clean economy job or in a position not directly related to sustainability, this acknowledgment of the benefits of going green could seep into all areas. As project managers interested in sustainability, perhaps we could even say it's our responsibility to ensure that it does. One way or another, it's bound to bring positive attention to the area. I look forward to seeing the action plan on jobs come to fruition, and I hope the ideas behind it will permeate jobs in all areas.

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