Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Objection handling for green project managers

Green project managers often find themselves in the position of having to justify incorporating sustainability in their projects. You may find yourself trying to convince organizations that sustainability is in their interest, in the face of objections like:

  • It's not one of our current strategic objectives.
  • The benefits are intangible and the ROI is too low.
  • We're facing a lack of political will.
  • We can't afford it.
  • We're just too busy to deal with this.

The list goes on, and at times it may seem daunting trying to introduce sustainability as an integral part of project management.

But you're not alone -- there's help available!

In February of this year, a group of sustainability professionals gathered in Toronto and discussed these issues at a workshop, part of the Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series. Their excellent tips and recommendations can be found in this free discussion paper.

Check it out! And please share any tips and advice you may have from your own experience as a green project manager.

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