Saturday, January 12, 2013

Check out next week's Green PM Seminar on the Presidio of San Francisco's Environmental Remediation Program

Eileen Fanelli, Remediation Program Manager at the Presidio Trust, will describe the complex project and program management involved in this 15-year remediation effort.

The Presidio of San Francisco was once the oldest continuously operating military post in the nation. It is now the largest national park in an urban area, covering 1,491 acres, with over 990 acres of open space supporting native habitat and several endangered and threatened species. The Presidio is also a National Historic Landmark with hundreds of historic buildings and features.

Key to the transformation of the Presidio from post to park is implementation of the Environmental Remediation Program, implementing the clean-up of numerous waste disposal and release sites; closing over 500 former above and below ground fuel storage tanks and miles of fuel distribution piping, and assessing lead-based paint in soil at over 800 buildings and structures throughout the Presidio.

This presentation will provide an introduction to the history and many resources of the Presidio. We will also discuss in detail how the $167 million Remediation Program has worked closely with multiple stakeholder groups to implement remedial solutions that support the cultural heritage and native habitat values of the Presidio, while addressing numerous project constraints imposed by multi-party agreements between state and federal agencies and third-party insurance providers. In particular we’ll discuss how implementation of program monitoring and change management processes have been successfully used to overcome significant schedule and resource challenges. From 1999, when work began, to May 2014, when remediation is scheduled to be substantially complete, the program will have transformed hundreds of acres of environmental liabilities to environmental and cultural assets, while maintaining a robust public communication and participation plan.