About the Green Gateway

Welcome to the PMI SFBAC Green Gateway!

The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the Project Management Institute is a large and busy chapter, with over 2,400 members from Silicon Valley to Sacramento. One of the most common suggestions we hear from members is for more PMI events that address sustainability. The Green Gateway blog is part of the Chapter's response to that request.

It's not surprising that project managers are interested in sustainability. Although projects may fall on a spectrum from those that are green by definition, such as a solar installation, to those that aren't primarily about sustainability but have green elements, all projects can be managed in a more sustainable manner. Project management is already concerned with reducing costs, increasing value, and protecting scarce resources -- all practices that fit nicely with being green. So it's not much of a stretch to incorporate green practices and considerations into any project.

To support this focus, the Green Gateway blog keeps you informed about the Chapter's sustainability programs: the ongoing Green PM Seminar Series at the Keller Graduate School Daly City campus; green job fairs like the recent Oakland Sustainability Job Fair and Symposium with the Green Science Academy and Keller Graduate School; and other PMI initiatives. In addition, we'll post articles on sustainability of general interest to project managers.

This site is brought to you by chapter volunteers interested in sustainability and all things green: Doug Rabert, Ina Acuña, and Paul Serafin. We are the volunteer committee for the PMI SFBAC Green Project Management Seminar Series. We welcome your suggestions for blog and seminar topics and hope to see you at our upcoming events! Please write to us at greenpmisfbac@gmail.com.